The International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists, in conjunction with the Center for International Business Valuation, has added an advanced level to the ICVS credential; valuators can now earn the ICVS with Advanced Studies in Financial Instruments (ICVS-A).

The ICVS-A designation requires an understanding of valuation techniques for various financial instruments, ranging from basic securities to complex derivative constructs.

Students will also learn the asynchronously the fundamentals of Python programming which is the dominant language used for financial instrument valuation.

The examination to earn the ICVS-A consists of three progressively challenging parts: 1) multiple choice questions on basic financial instrument valuation, 2) multiple choice questions on advanced financial instruments, and 3) a complex case study. Earning the credential demonstrates both a strong background in valuing financial instruments and preparation for applying the methodologies used to newer and even more complex derivative instruments.

See the following for the ICVS-A Syllabus for details on the curriculum:

ICVS-A Syllabus

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