The overall objective of doctoral colloquium is to provide a platform for graduate students to discuss various issues pertinent to research, publication and academic life in general. Not only will participating students have the opportunity to discuss important issues such as defining research problem, research design, developing methods, linking theories, literature and research topic, etc., but they will also have a chance to obtain feedback from experienced scholars as well as their peers.

Due to inability to physically congregate this year’s colloquium by TASFA-EDSI and ICIRS will take a much shorter than usual online session which will have limited coverage. It will have two major focus areas and serves as a precursor for upcoming periodic sessions to follow up on different aspects of graduate education. The first will be a general discussion on the overall process of what a doctoral program looks like, with its milestones and key decision points. The second will be an experience sharing by recent doctoral graduates regarding major challenges and roadblocks in the process, approaches and resources in addressing them and key lessons others could take from those experiences.  The session will then give opportunity for participants to ask questions and to frame the subsequent follow up sessions.

Guiding questions:

  • What does a typical doctoral program look like (in your discipline)?
  • What are the major decisions a student needs to make during the process?
  • What are some of the major issues a student will have to overcome in their graduate coursework, research and publication?
  • What the resources, strategies and techniques students need to consider?

Expected outcomes:

  • Giving the lay of the land for what a typical doctoral program looks like in different contexts.
  • Sharing of experience between recent graduates and current graduate students
  • Framing subsequent sessions on follow up sessions on other topics.

Target group:

Participants of this session will include doctoral students at different stages of their studies.

Session moderators:

  • Dereje Tessema, PhD
  • Ayenachew Aseffa, PhD

Session panelists:



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Session link:

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