The COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools and higher education institutions to find alternative ways to resume education – correspondences and online education. Correspondences are only temporary responses with limited possibility for robust learning. Online learning, on its part, is largely constrained by a number of factors, including lack of institutional preparation, broader infrastructural issues as well as legal and policy frameworks. Since the emergence of COVID, higher education institutions and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MoSHE) have been trying to develop resources and find ways to resume education. In the meantime, legal and policy instruments are currently under development to provide a guideline for the delivery of online education. This session will reflect on these major developments emphasizing the challenges and opportunities for the future, and lessons that can be drawn from efforts so far as well as from the experiences of other countries.

Guiding questions:

  • How do you briefly assess the developments so far towards online education?
  • What are some of the current and future challenges and opportunities in pursuing online education?
  • Drawing from lessons learned and experiences from other countries, how can Ethiopia tap into the opportunities in this area?
  • What is expected of different actors in pursuing this goal of strengthening online education?

Expected outcomes:

  • Rough assessment of developments in online education
  • Identification of challenges and opportunities in online delivery of education
  • Charting out some of the broader directions for tapping into opportunities and addressing challenges

Target group:

The target participants for this session include administrators/representatives of higher education institutions, K-12 schools, concerned ministries (MoSHE and MoE), Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA), faculty, teachers and researchers, students, representatives of concerned agencies, private companies, nonprofits and other stakeholders.

Session moderators:

  • Dereje Tessema, PhD
  • Ayenachew Aseffa, PhD

Session panelists:

  • TBD


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