Breakout Session #3 – Social and Cultural Sectors

Session Summary

War hurts the well-being of citizens by disrupting their social, economic, and political patterns. Over eight million Ethiopians have been displaced from the war-affected regions and family members have been separated when some fled their communities while other family members were left behind. People who stayed in the war zone are affected mentally and physically (living in a state of shock) after witnessing atrocities and faced with a lack of food, drinking water, and basic services. Experiencing severe trauma or life-threatening events causes the mind and body to be in shock. Long-term exposure to war and postwar conditions can cause serious psychological consequences including depression, and suicidal attempts. 

In addition to rebuilding infrastructure (schools, health centers, roads, and bridges) much work needs to be done in developing a safety net to help IDPs cope with stress and related side effects. A dialogue between experts, policymakers, and civic societies working in the field will be facilitated during this breakout session.


Monday January 10, 2022 – Breakout Session # 3 – Social, Cultural, and Tourism

 In-Person: Ethiopian Skylight Hotel Grand Ballroom

Venue Virtual: Zoom session


 Breakout Session #3 – Social, Cultural, Tourism and Hospitality Sectors

Venue In-Person: Ethiopian Skylight Hotel Grand Ballroom (Link to the Conference Rooms)

Venue Virtual: Participants:  Zoom session (use the Zoom link to Attend)

1:30 – 1:35 PM – Welcome and Program Schedule: Martha Mengesha and Professor Achaymeleh Debela, Breakout Session Leads

1:35 – 1: 50 PM – Keynote Speaker: (social and tourism) State Ministers, Ministry of Women and Social Affairs and Ministry of Tourism


Part One: Listening from the sector leads on the rehabilitation effort and roadmap

1:50 – 1:55 PM – Panelist #1- Historical perspective of the impact of war on society Dr. Baheru Zewde , historian

1:55 – 2:00 PM – Panelist #2: the Untold Story of this War on Women Children and Youth. Mrs. Tigist Kasa, Journalist,

2:00 – 2:05 PM – Panelist #3 – Post-war Trauma Management.

2:10 – 2:15 PM – Panelist #4 – The effect of the war and its challenges in community rehabilitation

2:15 – 2:20 PM – Panelist #5 – Reconstruction and Rehabilitate Hospitality and tourism Sector Dr. Teodros Atlabachew Habte-Mariam, Consultant

2:20 – 2:40 PM – Panel Discussion and Q &A: Moderated by Professor Achaymeleh Debela

2:40 – 3:00 PM           Break

Part Two: Discussion on how the diaspora and local stakeholder can support

3:00 – 3: 45 PM – Brainstorming Session: Moderated by Professor Achaymeleh Debela 

3:45 – 4:15 PM – Action Oriented Discussion

4:15 PM Closing Remarks and next Seps: Professor Achaymeleh Debela